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VCU Reporting Center - General Information

General Information

For information about reports, contact the respective folder owner in the List of Reporting Center Reports.

Site Navigation

It is no longer necessary to append "@edir" to your eID for logins.

Avoid using the BACK button of your browser.

  • On the Reports tab, use the Location drop down selection or Up one level icon.
  • To return to the Reports tab from a report, click on the Portal Page text in the upper left corner.

When finished with the Reporting Center please use the Log Off function in the upper right corner of the Portal Page. Report output is displayed in a new browser window, which unless closed, is reused for all report runs.  If you minimize the report output window and then run another report you may not realize the report is completed and the output is in the minimized window. An asterisk ( * ) next to a parameter selection indicates a required parameter. A magnifying glass icon next to a parameter indicates there is an option to search for a value from a "select a value" dialog box. Do this by:

  1. Clicking on the magnifying glass, the "select a value" dialog box appear
  2. Type the value you are searching for in the box next to the word contain, then click "Search"
  3. Highlight the value, then click "select" and run report as usual

SAS Navigator Portlet Error

If you received this error message on the Information Delivery Portal page (Navigator Portlet Section) click the browser refresh button:

SAS Navigator Portlet Shared: PUBLIC

PDF and Excel Download Option

Internet Explorer 8 Automatic Prompting for Downloads must be enabled. This feature is enabled by default for Local Intranet sites in Internet Explorer. Rather than enabling this feature for Internet or Trusted Sites; add the Reporting Center to Local Intranet with the browser logged into the Reporting Center navigate to: Tools > Internet Options > Security > Local Intranet > Sites > Advanced > Add. 

**note**  If you do not wish to change your internet settings, hold down the CTRL key while exporting to Excel/PDF. You must continue holding the CTRL key until the export process is complete.  

Excel Download  -  Incorrect Format Error

If you get an incorrect format error while trying to open a saved xls file using Excel 2007, just ignore it. It is neither a browser issue nor a SAS defect. It is the result of Microsoft's "hardening" of the Office products in the 2007 version.  This is a security enhancement. 

Hours of Operation

The Reporting Center is unavailable on Mondays from 12:10AM to 1:00AM Eastern Standard Time. The ODS (Operational Data Store) is refreshed every day at 11PM.  Data may be inconsistent during the refresh, which generally lasts less than an hour.

Mozilla Firefox Users

If no output is displayed once you have clicked the "RUN" button, check your internet settings to make sure pop-up windows are enabled.TOOLS>OPTIONS, Select "Content",  uncheck "Block pop-up window"

Or leave "Block pop-up window" checked, then click the "exceptions" button and type:, click "allow" and close. This will allow pop-up windows from the VCU Reporting Center site. 

Google Chrome Users

To view reports, pop-ups must be enabled.

Click the blue wrench icon in the upper right corner - Customize and control Google Chrome > Options >Content Settings > Pop-ups > Exceptions > Add > >OK

Google Chrome downloads Excel spreadsheets and PDF documents, which then must be opened by clicking the little wrench in the upper right corner > downloads

Off Campus Reporting Center Access

RamsVPN is required for off campus access to the VCU Reporting Center. To access the VCU Reporting Center from off campus, first login to RAMVPN then connect to the Reporting Center. RamsVPN access is limited to active VCU Employees and Affiliates. VCUHS SecureNet is considered off campus.

This article was updated: 03/17/2017