eServices and Banner Forms Browser Information

Will my browser work with Banner?

Please note: toolbars, such as Google and Ask, may cause Banner Forms to fail. If Banner Forms (INB) fails to load in your browser, please uninstall or disable any toolbars in your browser. 

The following browsers are supported for eServices’ (self-service) use:  

  • On the Mac:  Safari and Firefox
  • On Windows:  IE, Firefox and Chrome

 The following browsers are supported for Banner Forms/INB (administrative) use as of September 2015: 

  • IE 9, 10, 11
  • Safari 6, 7 

Also, see browser and Java requirements as of October 2015 here

How do I tell which version browser I have?

On a PC, with your browser open, click the Help menu. Select About (your browser). A window will pop-up with browser information, including the browser version.

On a Mac, with your browser open, click the menu name of your browser (next to the Apple on Menu Bar) and then click About (your browser).

How do I upgrade my browser if I don't have the right version?

You can upgrade your browser from the browser's website. To install this software, you need Administrator Rights to your computer.  IT Support can set your computer up so you can install programs on your computer. If you are unable to install programs, contact your IT Support department to install it for you. 

How do I know what version of Java is on my Macintosh?

All versions of Mac OS X ship with Java installed. To find your current version of Java in Mac OS X:

1. Open Finder
2. Select Applications
3. Select the Utilities folder
4. Select the Java folder to see a list

If you do not see Java 1.7 in the list then download and install it on your computer. Simply follow the instructions on the link.

This article was updated: 10/6/2015