Giving Tests Using gradeIT

Step 1: Notify your students how to obtain the test forms, or provide the forms to your students.

Please see the below sections on how to obtain gradeIT forms:

Step 2: When creating your exam:

For information about filling our your answer key see here: Answer Key Instructions

If you are going to have multiple versions of the same test:

  • Up to four versions can be run at a time.
  • The "Test ID" field on the form is where the version of the test is indicated. This field is not required to be filled in when only one key is used.
    • Each version must be indicated by either 01, 02, 03 and 04
    • Students must bubble in the exact same version number that is on your key (what is bubbled in on the key must match what is bubbled in on the student test).

When students bubble in two answers for one question, it is automatically counted as incorrect. We cannot accept more than one answer as correct for a question.

  • If you wish to give a question that allows different answers counted as correct, please follow these rules:
    • Ex: Question 10 on your exam accepts A or B as a correct response, thus, any student who answered A or who answered B on their exam would get this question correct. 
      • Only have the students bubble in one acceptable answer for a question (two answers cannot be bubbled in for one question).
      • When dropping off tests to be processed at the IT Support Center, make note on the drop-off request form of the multiple answer questions and the accepted responses.

Please note the General Purpose Answer Sheet has a dedicated five-question bonus section on back. These count as bonus questions and are not counted against the students’ final grade.

Step 3: Administering the exam:

When administering the exam in class, verify that each student bubbles in their 8 digit V# on their form.

  • The new forms do not have a field to bubble in student name. With this new system, the student name data is pulled from the V# bubbled in on the test form, and the test reports that are received by the instructor after processing list student grades by name (not V#).
  • Reconciliation of V# errors can be found on our page Submitting gradeIT Tests and Interpreting Results.

Bubble in the test version ID on your key and verify that all students have bubbled in the corresponding test version ID on their test forms.

A #2 pencil is recommended to be used for gradeIT forms. Using a pen will work, however it cannot be erased and white-out on a form will affect processing.

Upon collection of completed exams, make sure all exams are facing the same direction.

Please email or call the IT Support Center at 804-828-2227 with any questions or problems.

This article was updated: 04/7/2016