Obtaining Forms: MCV


Faculty on the MCV Campus have the option to use the following test forms:

  • General Purpose Answer Sheet: five-response 230 question answer sheet (with included 5 answer bonus section on back). View sample form here.
  • Ten-Response Answer Sheet: 120 question answer sheet. View sample form here.
  • Five and Twenty Six-Response Answer Sheet: includes 156 five-response questions and 24 twenty six-response questions. View sample form here
  • MCV Evaluation Response Form: five-response 60 question answer sheet and large blank space for printed questions or short answer responses.  Does not allow for identification of the test-taker.

Faculty can obtain gradeIT forms by:

Sending an email to gradeit@vcu.edu to request a PDF copy of the form:

  • You can print them off on departmental Laserjet printers:
    • Please make sure to print the forms double-sided.
    • These forms cannot be photocopied, they must be freshly printed from a laser jet printer. If the forms are photocopied, or poorly printed they will not scan properly and you will have to hand grade your tests.
    • Please make sure the print is even and not too dark or light. If we receive test forms that are printed improperly, the sheet may been unreadable and would then have to be hand graded.
    • If your departmental printer cannot print the forms at a high quality, you can obtain the printed version of the form from the locations listed below.
    • The PDF copy of the form is not allowed to be distributed to students.

Forms will also be available for pickup at the VCU IT Support Center office in VMI, Room 311.

Please email gradeIT@vcu.edu or call the VCU IT Support Center at 804-828-2227 with any questions or problems.

This article was updated: 02/14/2017