Submitting gradeIT Tests and Interpreting Results

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How to submit tests

Tests may be submitted for processing by dropping them off with a technician at a VCU IT Support Center location.  Tests may not be submitted to us electronically or via mail.

When dropping off tests, a Grading Request Form must be filled out.  This form is provided at the IT Support Center, but can also be obtained on our website for both the MCV and Monroe Park campuses.  The form includes fields such as:

  • The instructor name, contact phone number, and email address(es) that the test results are to be sent to, as well as any authorized individuals that may pick up the test set.
  • The number of answer keys in the test set and whether or not multiple answers will be permitted for any questions.
  • Requested reports. By default, you will only receive a PDF file containing the test results. An Excel File and Blackboard File are also available.
  • The "Special Instructions" field. This is where you indicate any multiple-answer questions or other special requests.

Tests will be processed and the results will be sent to your VCU email account within one business day. We are unable to guarantee same day or even 24-hour delivery. Please plan accordingly.


Receiving and interpreting your results

In accordance with VCU's Go Green initiative, the VCU IT Support Center no longer provides printing services for tests results. Faculty will only receive the results file via email. Results come by default in PDF format. The items listed below are all included in this PDF file. By clicking on each, you can view a sample of each individual report option:

Additionally, if you requested a Blackboard or Excel file upon drop-off, you will receive the Bb .rbbx file and the .xls file. 

Instructions on how to upload your results to Blackboard can be found here.


Records retention policies

Physical copies of processed tests are held for 30 days before they are shredded through the official VCU records destruction service.  An electronic copy of each test is retained for one year following the end of the semester in which it was processed.


Resolving v-number errors

When you receive your results, you may find that some student data is missing. This can occur when a student does not bubble in their v-number properly.

It is possible that a student has done one of the following:

  • Provided no v-number
  • Provided a v-number which does not exist
  • Provided a v-number which belongs to another individual

In the event that a student does not bubble in their v-number properly, their individual results may be assigned a generic marker (i.e. V1, V2, etc.) or appear under the incorrect v-number or another name in the test results.  If we catch the error:

  • We will pull the student's test from the set and place it on top of the set so that it is conveniently located at the front (The test will be marked with red ink).
  • We will indicate in the test results email the names of the students who did not provide their v-numbers (or provided nonexistent v-numbers). This way, you will know which student names are missing from their results in your report.

To combat this issue, we encourage faculty and staff administering exams to impress the importance of correctly filled forms to their test-takers.  Consider the gradeIT Answer Sheet like a DMV form; any missing information can hinder the process and may cause the form to be rejected.

Please email or call the IT Support Center at 804-828-2227 with any questions or problems.

This article was updated: 03/28/2018