Graduating Students Technology Checklist

Graduating students often ask about access to VCU technology resources after graduation. Graduating students will lose access to many VCU applications and resources after graduating from the University. 

Below is a reference list of services for graduating students to review before leaving VCU. 

myVCUmail Student Email
Provided your eID password is kept up-to-date on an annual basis, your email account and associated Google Apps services will be available to students after graduation. eID password management and the password expiration policy is available online.

Microsoft Software
The Microsoft software that is available through Office 365 and the On the Hub portal is only available for download for current VCU students. 

Graduating students will no longer have Microsoft software download access through VCU. Any installed Microsoft software that you obtained through On the Hub portal can still be used after graduation. The license you downloaded as a student, remains yours indefinitely.

Any downloaded and installed software from the Office 365 portal is no longer authorized after leaving VCU. 

RamBucks Refunds can be requested at the VCUCard Customer Service Office located at 701 West Broad Street or by emailing VCUCard at

Learning Management Systems
Graduating students will no longer have Blackboard or LonCapa access through VCU.  Students are encouraged to retain any course information prior to graduation.

RamTech Purchases
RamTech is the VCU campus technology retail store offering educational prices. Visit RamTech before leaving VCU to make any last minute purchases at the best student price. Visit the RamTech website for store details.

Adobe Creative Cloud
Graduating VCU students qualify for big savings on the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Details and pricing are available on the Adobe website

We encourage students to contact their school, department, or program to determine if there are any other technology related items to consider before leaving VCU.

Identity Theft Reminder
Upon graduating and heading out into the world, we kindly remind you that email and phishing scams will follow you. These identity theft attempts are serious.

Even if a message appears to be from someone you know, be careful when clicking on links or downloading files. Always ensure that any links or files sent to you are from a legitimate source. It is a good idea to double check with the sender before clicking on any links in messages just to ensure that they did send the message and their account has not been compromised.

Learn how to better protect your identity from email and phishing scams by visiting the VCU Technology Services askIT Knowledge Base.