ImageNow v. WebNow


  • ImageNow Printer - Similar to the Adobe PDF writer, the ImageNow Printer allows users to print documents from any third party applications such as MS Office or Adobe Reader directly into ImageNow using the Windows print feature.  The ImageNow Printer is only available in the ImageNow desktop client.  Electronic documents (e.g. DOC, XLS, PDF) can be added via drag-n-drop in ImageNow and WebNow.
  • Sending Attachments -  The ImageNow client allows emailing of documents as a client link, WebNow link or attachment (individual TIFF pages, multi-page TIFF or PDF format).  WebNow only sends as a WebNow link or all individual pages as attachments.  To convert WebNow documents to PDF format for use as an attachment, PDF writer software is recommended.
  • Integration with Third Party Applications - The ImageNow client can search based on third party application (e.g. Banner) records and collect document keys (e.g. student ID, PO#, name) when indexing a new document.  WebNow does not integrate with other applications.
  • Indexing Options on Imported Documents - When importing a document (e.g. DOC, XLS, PDF) with the ImageNow client, an initial workflow queue and initial document index values can be assigned easily using an automated timestamp, unique ID, dropdown lists and more.  In WebNow, the initial workflow queue cannot be designated at the time of capture and index values must been manually assigned.

Though there are several differences mainly around the capturing of documents, once a document is in the system functionality is identical in many cases:  viewing documents and projects, workflow routing (i.e. Approved, Not Approved), using annotations, version control and querying based on search criteria opposed to Banner.  


This article was updated: 06/27/2017