Advanced Features


Banner® Integration
For several departments, index values are captured from and searched upon using Banner Financial and Student forms through a single-click in the ImageNow desktop client.

Business Insight
Provides reporting on various areas such as security, user productivity and workflow information.

Conversion Module
Enables server-side conversion of any printable file or application screen into the standard ImageNow format of TIFF image.

Content Server
Combines a full-text search engine with ImageNow's capture, integration, workflow and storage technologies.

Document Control Suite
Provides document version control, digital signatures and library services.

Failover Environment
Disaster recovery system with full copy of production system content and configurations with live connection synching all content changes as they are made.

Fax Agent
Captures inbound faxes directly into ImageNow, eliminating the need to print and scan them.

ImageNow Printer
Send any document, web page or other file to the ImageNow repository as a TIFF image using the standard print command available in any Microsoft Windows application.

Import Agent
Automatically imports and indexes files from legacy systems as well as documents from CDs, DVDs, network directories and other third-party systems.

Indexing eForms
Custom scripting developed and embedded into the ImageNow workflow viewer to retrieve index values from third-party databases (such as Banner) for the purpose of indexing.

Interact for Microsoft Office
Enables easy organization, management and retrieval of documents, spreadsheets and presentations directly from Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Publisher® and Visio®.

Integration Server
Extends a breadth of ImageNow capabilities that are exposed through REST-based web services. Includes File Conversion Service for the rendering and display of raster images from Perceptive Content or third-party sources.

JavaScript-based programmatic method enabling access to data and use of customized functions within all major ImageNow components.

Integrates ImageNow with other third party or homegrown applications.

Mail Agent
Enables automatic capture of e-mail messages and attachments, importing them directly into ImageNow.

Perceptive Experience (web client)
Makes anytime, anywhere document access possible extending limited document management and workflow functionality through a secure web connection.  No Java required.

Recognition Agent
Allow searching of text content within captured documents extracted using OCR, OMR, ICR, bar code and forms identification capabilities.

Retention Policy Manager
Allows multi-level notification and approval process to support the destruction of non-permanent records stored in ImageNow, other University systems or offsite paper-based locations.

Test Environment
Full test environment used by support and users to test new processes, modules and system upgrades.

WebNow (web client)
Makes anytime, anywhere document access possible extending advanced document management and workflow functionality through a secure web connection.  Requires Java.




If you would like additional assistance, please contact the VCU IT Support Center at (804) 828-2227 or submit a service desk request.

NOTE: VCUHS ImageNow supports patient record related issues. Please contact (804) 828-6447 for VCUHealth assistance.

This article was updated: 02/2/2018