WebNow on Chrome or Firefox - Plugin Not Supported or Blank Page

Error Message

Attempting to access WebNow or an ImageNow eForm using Google Chrome results in one of the following error messages:

  • This site uses a plugin (Java(TM)) that is unsupported.  Learn more.
  • This plugin is not supported.

Attempting to access WebNow on Firefox results in a blank/white page.


The NPAPI plugin for Chrome required for Java-based web applications such as WebNow has been de-supported by Google.  In the September 2015 Chrome update (version 45), Google permanently removed NPAPI plugin support.

Firefox: As of version 52.0 of Firefox, the NPAPI plugin has been de-supported. 



 (VCU faculty and staff only)

  • WebNow on Windows - Internet Explorer is recommended for WebNow on Windows. If Internet Explorer is not preferred on Windows, the ImageNow desktop client is the recommended alternative.
  • WebNow on Mac OS - The recommended alternatives are Safari or installing the ImageNow desktop client in a Windows virtual environment using BootCamp, Parallels, Oracle VirtualBox or VMWare.


If you would like additional assistance, please contact the VCU IT Support Center at (804) 828-2227 or submit a service desk request.

NOTE: VCUHS ImageNow supports patient record-related issues. Please contact (804) 828-6447 for VCUHealth assistance.


This article was updated: 12/6/2017