Creating an Incident

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An incident is an unplanned interruption to or reduction in the quality of an IT service. All incidents in Service Desk are assigned a ticket number, which begins with the number 1.

Upon login to Service Desk as an analyst, you can submit an incident ticket by selecting one of the quick links or by navigating through the Navigation Bar on the left-hand side of the page.

When you've selected your incident category, the following screen will generate. The fields listed in light yellow are required fields for that selected category and must be completed in order to save the incident. Depending on the category selected, the required fields will vary:

 Breakdown of Incident Form

Customer Information - This section is where you submit the customer information (affected end user/submitter name):                    

    • User- You can choose the user from the drop-down field by typing in their name, eID, or email. Select the specified user from the results that generate in the drop down field. The suggested search term for best accuracy is by searching for the eID of the affected end user. NOTE: if you are submitting this ticket on your own behalf, leave this field blank.
      • Once you select the user, it will automatically fill in the rest of the fields with their information pulled from Banner.
    • You can add an alternate address, email or phone in this section as well. 

Special Instructions (if applicable) - This field displays any special instructions that may be required when a specific category is selected for an incident. This field will only display if the category has special instructions affiliated with it, and will always display at the top of the page (above the user information). Example (from category selection of “Device or Hardware Problem - Computer”:

Incident Information - This section is where you input the specific ticket information and assign to the correct Category:

  • Incident details - type in the details of the incident here.
  • Category - select the category from the drop-down list to assign a specific category to the incident (NOTE: utilize the tic marks next to the “Category” items listed in order to narrow down your category type). By default, the category will be pre-filled depending on what item you selected from the navigation bar on Self Service view. 
    • Example, clicking the tic mark next to Departmental Support expands the category tree to allow for further specification:


  • Asset type and item - certain categories require an asset type and item to be selected. This field will only be utilized when these categories are selected (will display instructions to use).
    • Example: When you select the Category “Device or Hardware Problem - Computer”, the following instructions appear in the Special Instructions field listed below:
    • This notifies you that you need to further categorize your incident by selecting the proper category from the asset item field:



Additional Information - This section is where you input additional information to further specialize this incident:

  • Source - this field allows you to assign the source of the incident:
  • User Urgency -  this field allows you to set the user urgency for the incident:
  • Customer is - this field allows you to set the affiliation of the customer on the incident
  • The remaining fields in this section (Building, Floor/Wing, Room Number, Asset Tag Number, Serial #/Service Tag) allow you to further specify the incident:

Service Desk Information - This section allows you to view the service incident information (it will display the time it was updated, who it was updated by, etc.). Only three fields are able to be updated in this section: Impact, Urgency, and Resolve on Creation:

  • Impact - select the “impact” of the incident from the drop-down menu: 
  • Urgency - select the “urgency” of the incident from the drop-down menu:
  • Resolve on Create? - only check this box if you want to automatically resolve the incident upon creation. Once this incident is saved, an email will be sent to the customer stating that the incident is resolved. This action, however, does not allow a technician to provide a customer solution with the resolution, and it does not assign this incident to the technician (only the suggested group). If you wish to provide a customer solution, or to resolve the incident with you as the assigned analyst, navigate to the next screen (after hitting “save”).

Assignment Information - this field is where the incident will be assigned when saved. The suggested group automatically populates based on what category was selected. If you wish to change the suggested group (to assign to a different group) simply click the field and search for a separate group to assign to:

  • Note: you cannot assign to a specific analyst on this screen; to do so, you need to save the incident and it will re-open in a separate screen where it is possible to “add assignment” to an incident.


Filters - these filters display historical incident data based upon configuration item, user filter, or category filter:


Saving Your Incident - When all fields are filled out with the correct information, you have three options to save or cancel your incident. Once either "Save" or "Save and close" is selected, an email notification will be sent to the customer and the assigned group notifying them that the incident has been created:

  • Save and close - saves your incident, and closes out the incident entirely, bringing you back to the home screen.
  • Save - saves your incident, and opens up the incident details so that you can update the incident further (recommended if you are not done with the incident).
  • Cancel - cancels the incident from creation, bringing you back to the home screen.

Questions or Comments?

Please submit all questions, comments, or requests regarding the Service Desk system by selecting one of the quick links on the Service Desk Support dashboard. If you do not currently have access to Service Desk, please contact the VCU IT Support Center at (804) 828-2227 for assistance.