LANDESK Service Desk FAQs

  • What type of things will be posted in the Current Notices field on the Self-Service Dashboard?

New features of Service Desk, maintenance schedules, and other important information that would affect using Service Desk.

  • Hospital users, what will they see?

Most likely they will piggy-back on the School of Medicine's interface requests.

  • Do End Users have access to see the due date?

Yes, but only on Service Request forms, not Incident Forms.  If a due date is not met, nothing will alert within the system.

  • Can customers set the urgency of tickets as they have done in Remedy?

Yes; however, the urgency field does not have the "low, medium, high" selections as in Remedy.  Instead they following urgency selections for End Users are:

I have a question

I cannot perform a task

I cannot work at all

  • Is there a mobile version of the LANDESK Service Desk available?

The mobile version of Service Desk is in the works and will be addressed in a later phase of implementation.

  • Can I customize the Self-Service Dashboard?

You can put a Service Desk ticket into the LANDESK Group and request a customized dashboard to better suit your department's needs.

  • Why don't I see a link to Switch to Web Desk at the top right of the homepage?

First, check your browser to ensure you are using the latest browser version and are not running in compatibility mode.  If your browser is not the cause, it means that you must be made an "analyst" in Service Desk and assigned to a specific group before this link will appear on your homepage.  You must submit a request under LANDESK in Service Desk to be added to a group.

  • I'm seeing tickets that I should not be getting.

You may be assigned to the wrong group.  If you were working for another area within VCU, your name may not have been dropped from that group.  To review your assigned groups, Switch to Web Desk and open the drop-down under Current Group (located in the upper right corner of the black tool bar area).  If you need to have a change made, submit a request under LANDESK in Service Desk to have this corrected.

  • How do I find a ticket that has been closed, but needs to be reopened?

In both Incident and Request searches, perform a query based on a closed status and any of the other fields that would refine the search.

  • If a select Resolve on Creation?, will the customer receive an email with resolution details?

If you select Resolve on Creation? when logging an Incident or Request, the customer receives a generic email stating that the issue has been resolved.  If you want to put more details in the resolution, you must click Save to bring up an action menu.  Choose Resolve and fill out a more detailed resolution.

  • Do we still have a Work in Progress feature?

Yes, in Service Desk once you save a ticket it goes into an "In Progress" status automatically.  You can also change the status to With Third Party or With Customer if you are waiting on information from a Third Party or Customer.

  • How long will a ticket stay in a "resolved" status?

Tickets stay in a resolved status for 365 days, after which they moved to a "closed" status. At any time, an Incident or Request, can be re-opened (even in a "closed" status).

  • Where is our Work Log?

The Work Log is no broken down into various sections at the bottom of each ticket.  You can view the various logs of actions by scrolling to the bottom of an open ticket, and selecting each tab to view each action's history.

  • What happens when you mark a Note as Private?

Mark the note as "private" if you do not want the customer to see the note on Service Desk.

Example:  If the customer is another support analyst, they will be able to see the note even if it was marked private.  The "private" feature only hides the view from End Users.

  • Does the assigned analyst receive an email notification if they have in given a Task?


  • How do I find members of a Group in Service Desk?

Open a saved ticket.  Go to the Actions menu and select Change Assignment.  Use the Groups drop-down arrow to view groups.  Select the group and go to the Analyst drop-down menu to view analyst within the group.

  • If I create a ticket and hit Save I understand that it will notify the customer and/or analyst of the tickets creation; however, if I then select Save and Close will it send an additional/duplicate email notification to the customer and/or analyst?

When you hit Save first or Save and Close first it will only send an email once.

Example One:  When you add a note and hit Save an email is sent.  Once you hit Save and Close it does not send another email.

Example Two:  When you add a note and hit Save and Close an email is sent.

  • If you need to collaborate with someone on an assignment, how do you alert them?

Open the existing ticket and select Add Task.  Choose the Analyst and Support Group you wish to attach to this particular ticket - Save and Close.  

NOTE:  This task will have to be "completed" in order to resolve the Incident or Request.

  • Can I embed images into the content of a note so that the End User can view the image and content all in one place when they receive an email notification that a new note has been added to their existing ticket?

No, you have to add an image as an attachment to the ticket.

  • Sometimes, when I open a ticket in order to assign it to myself and start working on it, at the top I get a message that a particular user has the Incident open and I may not be able to perform certain actions.  How can I release this other user so I can work on the ticket?

We have noticed this as being an issue and at this time there is no resolution for this problem.  This issue occurs when someone doesn't properly exit an Incident or Request they are viewing (generally when they are not closing out the Request/Incident properly or just closing their browser window instead of logging out of Service Desk).  Since Service Desk does time out after an hour, usually this will time out their session and allow you to gain access to the Incident or Request.  When viewing an Incident or Request, be sure to select Cancel at the top in order to release this Incident or Request in the system.

  • How do I change from Incident to Request and vice versa?

If you are trying to convert an Incident to a Request, or vice versa, there is an action that allows you to convert the existing Incident to a new Request (or a Request to a new Incident).  This can be utilized if someone submits an Incident which is really a Request category, and vice versa.  When an Incident or Request is converted, it will automatically resolve the old one (sending the End User an email) and open a new ticket with a new identification number (sending the End User an email).

This article was updated: 12/17/2014