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Upon login to VCU Service Desk, end users are automatically routed to the Self Service page:


Self Service is where end users navigate to:

  • Create a service request or incident.
  • Check on their open incidents and open service requests.
  • Check on their resolved incidents and service requests.
  • Start a chat session with a VCU IT Support Center analyst.


Page Elements:

1. Toolbar - The black banner across the top of the page.



  • The toolbar provides access to a number of features:

    • Search Field - This is to search the internal Service Desk Knowledge Base.

    • Log off - To log off of Service Desk

    • Help - LANDESK’s reference pages for Service Desk functions.


2. Current Notices - This is where announcements display such as system alerts, maintenance schedules, new features, etc.


3. Service Desk Quick Links - This area has shortcuts to the most common incidents and service requests submitted by end users (note: schools and departments can customize these quick links for their end users located in their major business units, thus these may vary depending on your department).




4. My Open Incidents - These are open incidents that you have submitted as the customer (affected end user). They are sorted by ticket number in descending order (newest on top).  


5. My Open Service Requests - These are open requests that you have submitted as the customer (affected end user). They are sorted by ticket number in descending order (newest on top).


5. My Resolved Tickets - These are all of your incidents and service request tickets that you have submitted as a customer (affected end user)that have been resolved or closed. They are sorted by ticket number in descending order (newest on top).


Note: Each displayed area has a limited amount of space, thus older tickets will be on subsequent pages for those areas. (i.e. 1 of 2, 1 of 4, etc.):




6. IT Support Center Online - This is where you can initiate a tech chat with a VCU IT Support Center technician. Tech chat is only available during posted hours (9am-4pm Mon-Fri).



7. Terminology - This area provides definitions for incident and request:



8. Navigation Bar - This is located on the left side of the page. It provides quick links to areas where you can navigate to submit incidents and requests. The categorizations displayed are dependent on your affiliation and department. When you click on one of the categories, it will open a page that has items related to that area. Please contact your IT support technician to verify what navigation areas your department has access to.



Navigation Bar Example:

When you select “Application/System” from the category menu, it opens up a page that has applications and system items listed:



When you select a specific item from the list, a new page will open up with a selection of incident or service requests for that category.


Note: incident items are listed first, then service request items secondary.

Clicking on “Active Directory” from this menu will generate this page:



By selecting one of these service incidents or request topics, a form will generate which you can fill out to submit this type of incident or request.



Questions or Comments?


For all questions, comments, or requests regarding the Service Desk system, please contact the VCU IT Support Center at (804) 828-2227 for assistance.