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Creating an Incident in Service Desk.

An Incident is an unplanned interruption or reduction in the quality of an IT service.  For example, a loss in Internet or phone service.  All Incidents in Service Desk are assigned a ticket number which begins with the number 1.

Upon logging in to the Service Desk Self-Service dashboard, you can submit an Incident by selecting one of the quick links at the top of the screen or by navigating through the Navigation Bar on the left-hand side.  A new Incident form will open after you select the desired Category.

The yellow fields that appear in the form are required and must be completed to save the Incident.  Required fields will vary depending on the Category you select.

Let’s begin with the Customer Information section.  Type the eID or customer name in the User field and select a name from the drop-down menu.  Entering the eID will provide you with a more accurate search.

Once the correct user is selected, available user information will automatically populate each field.  An alternative address, email, and phone number can be added to this section.  If you desire to clear the user information, select "Clear Selection" from the drop-down menu.

If you wish to submit an Incident for yourself, leave the User information field blank.  As the Creator of the Incident, your contact information will automatically populate on the Incident form after you save the ticket.

Special Instructions are found above the Customer Information section.  This section only appears if the Category you selected has predefined instructions on how to report the Incident.  If Special Instructions are displayed, read through these instructions thoroughly as they provide information that is required to be included in the Incident.

Below, the Customer Information section is Incident Information.  Here, enter the details of the Incident you wish to report.

The Category will be pre-populated for you based on the Category you selected using the Navigation Bar or Quick Links.  The Category can be changed at any time by clicking on the Category drop-down menu.  Asset Type and Asset Item may be pre-populated based on the Category selection.

Additional Information has two required fields, Source, and User Urgency.  Source defines in Service Desk how you connected with the customer to provide support.  User Urgency will help identify the urgency of the Incident.  The information for the remaining fields, such as Customer Is, Building, Floor, Room Number, Asset Tag, and Serial Number may be needed to help resolve the Incident and may be required fields depending on the Category selection.

The Service Desk Information section will give you the status of the Incident and the creation details.  Only three fields can be updated in this section: Impact, Urgency, and Resolve on Creation.

Identify the Impact of the Incident to help determine its scope.  Use your judgment in selecting the urgency.

Resolve on Creation is selected only if an Incident has already been resolved and you are only logging it into the system.  At Resolution, the Incident is assigned to the Suggested Group, and an email is sent to the Customer with generic resolution information.  If you wish to assign the Incident to yourself, do not use Resolve on Creation.

Assignment Information will pre-populate the Suggested Group for the selected Category.  If you wish to assign the Incident to another Group, click the drop-down menu and select the desired Group.  You will not be able to assign the ticket directly to an Analyst until you have saved it.  

There are various Filters at the bottom of the form.  These Filters display other Incidents that have been submitted using the same Category and Configuration Item Filters, as well as other Incidents logged under the customer’s name.

After you have completed the form, you must return to the top of the page and select "Save" or "Save and Close."  When either of these options is selected, an email notification is sent to the Customer as well as to the Assigned Group.  Selecting “Cancel” allows you to cancel the Incident and it will not be saved in the system.

This has been an overview of creating an Incident in Service Desk.


This article was updated: 12/8/2017