Analyst: Web Desk Overview



LANDESK Service Desk an Analyst Web Desk Overview.

LANDESK Service Desk provides the Support Analyst with two dashboards; Self-Service and Web Desk. This tutorial gives an overview of the Web Desk dashboard.

Web Desk allows the Analyst to check their assigned ticket workload, their team’s assigned and unassigned tickets, and search for Incidents or Requests using specialized queries.

After logging into Service Desk, Self-Service is displayed by default.  Go to the toolbar and click Switch to Web Desk.  You’ll use this button again to toggle back to Self-Service when necessary.

The Home button on the toolbar links to this Web Desk home screen.  The Mail button creates an email with a link to the current page.  This feature only works if you have an IMAP client configured on your computer.  The Print button prints the current page and, the Change Service Desk Password button is not active and will not allow you to change your password.

The Search box located on the toolbar is used to search for an Incident or Request by ticket number only.

The Current group indicates the group of which you are a member.  If you are assigned to multiple groups, all group tickets will be displayed by default and you may need to change the assigned group when managing your tickets.  For instance, when using the “assign to me” action while updating a ticket, whatever group is displayed at this location will assign that ticket to your name within that group.  If you wish to have the assignment of the ticket be reflected under a different group, then toggle to that specific group from the drop-down menu and then select “assign to me” from the action menu.

Below, the toolbar is My Workload. This area displays all the open Incidents and Requests assigned to you.  By default, all tickets are sorted by their “Creation Date.”  You can re-sort them by clicking any of the column headers.

My Teams - Unassigned Workload displays all of the tickets assigned to your group, but not yet assigned to an individual Analyst.

My Teams - Assigned Workload provides a list of all open tickets that are assigned to an Analyst in your Group.

The Navigation Bar provides you links to the homepage and lists of tickets sorted by their status under My Workload, and My Team Workload, and a special query called Team Workload by Customer.

"Team Workload by Customer" sorts your group’s resolved tickets by department.  Click on a department name to view their tickets.  The “No value”  department provides you access to all Incidents and Requests your team has handled for VCU students.

In addition to the toolbar’s search box, predetermined queries allow you to search for tickets using other terms for reporting, such as "Creation Date", "Category", and "Description".  You can toggle back and forth from Service Desk and Queries at the bottom of the screen, while in Web Desk.

These queries will be explored in-depth in another video.

This has been a quick overview of the Web Desk dashboard of Service Desk.


This article was updated: 09/5/2016