Download Sophos Anti-Virus Software

Important Note: 

  • If you have any anti-virus program other than Sophos installed now, be sure to remove your old virus program before installing Sophos.

Business use by departments, for Faculty and Staff:

  • LABs / Servers / VCU owned desktop and laptop computers (Provided through VCU IT Staff)
    • Please contact your local IT support for installation and maintenance of Sophos on University-owned computers
    • For University IT staff, the IT Professionals site has Sophos custom installers designed to assist technical support staff manage their areas.
    • There are versions for labs, servers, managed desktop and laptop computers available on the IT Professionals Intranet.

Anti-Virus for Personal use for Students, Faculty & Staff:
These installers are not for use on VCU owned computers. Departments within VCU need to use the installer under the heading above "Business use by departments, for Faculty and Staff."

  • Anti-Virus options for personal use at home are covered here.
    Note: These are just some options you may consider for the protection of your home computer)


This article was updated: 05/17/2018