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Do I have enough memory to run Sophos?

Sophos requires a minimum of 256MB of RAM memory for the application to run. If you have a graphics card that shares RAM with your computer, you need more than 256MB to run Sophos.

How do I identify RAM memory on a computer?

To check if your computer has enough memory to run Sophos do the following.

Step 1 - Click Start menu.

Step 2 - Right click the MyComputer menu.

Step 3 - There will be a drop down menu click Properties.

Step 4 - Click the Generaltab if it is not selected.

Step 5 - The Computer: information will reference the amount of RAM memory allocated to your computer. If your computer contains 1GB, which is 1,024MB, you have enough memory to run Sophos. The Sophos Anti-Virus program requires a minimum of 256MB of RAM your computer to run Sophos.

If the number is 256MB RAM , your computer will run Sophos if part of this memory is not shared with the video card. If you do not have enough memory to run Sophos you may consider the options listed below.


What to do if I don't have enough RAM memory?

Option 1 - If your computer came with an antivirus program that is currently licensed (ie, you are able to download current virus definitions), continue using the anti-virus software that is on your computer.

Option 2 - If you are currently using Symantec Anti-Virus provided prior to June 2007 through VCU, you will need to uninstall the Symantec Anti-Virus software and install the VCU Sophos Anti-Virus software.

Option 3 - Upgrade the amount of memory on your computer to 512MB or higher, and install Sophos Anti-Virus. More RAM memory will speed up the Sophos scanning process. VCU fixIT Computer Service can upgrade memory for you through their service department. Call 828-2229 for more information.

This article was updated: 07/9/2013