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How can I choose what to scan and do a manual scan?

You can easily customize your scans. Click on the Sophos shield on the menu bar, and click on Open Sophos Antivirus. A window comes up with all your drives listed. Sophos will scan all the volumes that are enabled. You'll know they're enabled because there's a little button to the left of the volume icon that either looks like a green sun with rays, or it looks like a dark button. The "sun" means they're enabled. Just click on the button or sun to turn them on or off. Clicking on the green arrow above the list will start a manual scan, and clicking on the red square next to that will stop the scan. When you're done, just Quit Sophos Antivirus from the menu bar. Sophos will continue to run in the background.

This article was updated: 07/9/2013