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How do I Authorize Quarantined Items?

You've recognized a program and want to keep it.  If you don't recognize it you may want to investigate by double clicking on the name of the program. A web site from Sophos with information about the program will help you decide.

Anything you leave in your Known Applications list will continue to run unless you remove it. However, it will not hurt anything if you leave it in the list while you decide what to do.

How to authorize an application in quarantine:

Step 1 - Right click mouse on the blue shield located at the bottom right corner on the Windows Taskbar. Click on [Open Sophos Anti-virus] to open Sophos.
Step 2 - In the upper left-hand corner of the window, you will see [Items in Quarantine].  Click on the word [Quarantine] to open the manager.



Step 3 - The Quarantine Manager will open and list any items that Sophos has found as suspicious.


Step 4 - At the bottom of the Quarantine Manager window, click on [Configure authorization]


Step 5 - The authorization manager lists applications that are suspicious. At this point, you must decide if an application is one you would like to authorize.



Step 6 - If the application is one you want to authorize, highlight the application in the left column, then click the [Add]  button which will add it to the Authorized list.


Step 7 - The application will show in the [Authorized adware/PUAs] list. by adding the application Sophos will allow the application to run.

 Step 8 - Click [OK] to save


This article was updated: 02/27/2017