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How do I block PUAs?

Following the 'VCU Best Practices' guidelines, use the following instructions to enable blocking of PUAs.  Resolve all alerts before enabling blocking of PUAs. First you must confirm that there are no PUAs on your computer.  Once you have followed the procedure to check for PUAs come back here to enable blocking of PUAs.


Step 1 - Right click mouse on the Sophos shield located at the bottom right corner on the Windows Taskbar. Click on [Open Sophos Endpoint Security and Control] to open Sophos.
Step 2 - Click on the [Configure anti-virus and HIPS] icon  
Step 3 - Click on [On-access scanning]   
 On the "Scanning" tab

Step 4 - Check box [Adware and PUAs] 

Step 5 - Check box [Suspicious files]

Step 7 - Click [OK]



This article was updated: 07/9/2013