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How do I configure Sophos to Manually scan for PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications)?

Sophos at VCU is preconfigured to run scans for viruses and PUA (Potentially Unwanted Applications) on Wednesday 12 noon. However, this scan can not be run manually. This means a manual scan will need to be run to enable blocking of PUA. You may set up any number of different scans including a manual scan and automatic scans which can cover one folder or many.

Setting up a Manual Scan

Step 1 - Right Click on the Sophos Anti-Virus icon shield on the menu at the bottom right of the task bar. Select the [Open Sophos Endpoint Security and Control] from the menu.  
Step 2 -  Click on the Scans icon then click [Set up a new scan]  
Step 3 - Give your scan job a descriptive name, for example 'Manually check for PUAs'. Something that will tell you what the scan is designed to do.
Step 4 - Select the local drive(s) only. Do not include any network drives.
Step 5 - At the bottom of the window, Click on [Configure this scan].
Step 6 - The [Scan for adware/PUAs] should be checked.

Step 7 - Click the [Cleanup] tab at the top of the window.

a. If you check [Automatically clean up items that contain a virus] Sophos will clean known viruses off the computer during the scan.

c. Suspicious files setting [Do nothing] will move suspicious files to quarantine.

Note:  It is recommended to NOT check scan for suspicious files and root kits for this scan.  [Automatically clean up adware/PUAs] should be checked only if you are sure you want those files deleted and know that the probability of removing applications that you want is high. (not recommended)

Step 8 - Click on OK
Step 9 - Click on [Save and start]

Step 10 - The Scan will now appear in your [Available scans] window.



Step 11 - Click [Start] to begin the scan.

Step 12 - Scanning window shows percentage completion and number of items scanned. It may stay on 2% for a long time if HIPS was selected in the scan configuration.
Step 13 -  When completed, the Summary window will show the results of the scan.

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This article was updated: 07/9/2013