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How do I create a custom scan to check for PUAs and HIPS?

You may scan specific sets of files or folders any time you wish. A custom scan can be done either manually or scheduled to run unattended.

Follow the steps below to set up a custom scan.

 Step 1 - Right click mouse on the Sophos shield located at the bottom right corner on the Windows Taskbar. Click on [Open Sophos Endpoint Security and Control] to open Sophos.

Step 2 - Click “Scans" then click "Set up a new scan” icon  

Step 3 - Name scan “MyScanDate” and Click on box in front of the local drive to scan. 


(Note: To make selections, select the check box to the left of each drive or folder.)





Step 4 - Click [Configure this scan]

Step 5 - Scanning level should be "Normal"




Step 6 - Click to enable “Scan for adware/PUAs”

Step 7 - Click to enable “Scan for suspicious files and rootkits”







Step 8 - click [OK]


Step 9 - Click the “Cleanup” tab


Step 10 - Click to enable "Automatically clean up items that contain virus/spyware.


Step 11 - Make sure "Do nothing" is selected for all items.


Step 12 - Do not enable "Automatically cleanup adware/PUAs"


Step 13 - Click [OK]


Step 14 - click [Save].  The custom scan will now be available to manually run at any time. Restart computer before running the custom scan.


This article was updated: 07/9/2013