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How do I open Sophos Quarantine?

When Sophos identifies a questionable file, the application sends it to Quarantine. The Quarantine Manager enables you to address the items found in quarantine options provided. More details are covered in the procedures below.

To open Quarantine:


Step 1 - Right-click mouse on the Sophos shield located at the bottom right corner of the Windows Taskbar. Click on [Open Sophos Endpoint Security and Control] to open Sophos.

Step 2 - Click [Manage quarantine items] to open Quarantine.  

Step 3 - The Sophos Quarantine Manager will identify the number of items in Quarantine and will list each item by file Type, Name, and Details, which specifies the location under on your computer. The image below is from Sophos anti-virus 9.7, but the listing is correct for Sophos anti-virus 10 as well.


This article was updated: 12/8/2017