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How do I Unblock an Application when PUAs are blocked?

Sophos will block PUAs from running if you enabled the blocking within On-access scan settings.  When PUAs are blocked, any attempt to download an application seen as a PUA will give you an alert and block the download.

For an application seen as a PUA to load, you must first unblock the installer package and then, once you attempt to install the application, you'll need to repeat the steps to allow the application to run.

Install an Application when PUAs are blocked:

Step 1 -    Close the alert box by clicking on the red x at the top right of the windows.  
Step 2 - Right click mouse on the blue shield located at the bottom right corner on the Windows Taskbar. Click on [Open Sophos Endpoint Security and Control] to open Sophos.  

Step 3 - Under the "Status" box in the upper left click on [Items in Quarantine]


In this example, we’re attempting to install Weatherbug with an image for Sophos anti-virus 9.7.

Step 4 - Click on the box in front of the app and then click on [Authorize] at the bottom right.
Step 4 -You will need to re-download the application. 



(Note:  This process authorizes the installer. It does not authorize the application itself .)

Once the installer is downloaded, another alert will pop up. The process has to be repeated using the above steps to allow the application to run. Go to Step 1.













This article was updated: 07/9/2013