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How to clear items from quarantine manager?

There are times when the Sophos quarantine manager has a history of events that are no longer current or have been incorrectly detected as a threat. When this happens, there will be items shown in quarantine manager that are no longer a threat. To clear these items from quarantine manager poses no risk because the Sophos anti-virus scanner will add back any active items it detects and no harm will be done to the files listed.

These are the steps to clear the events shown in quarantine manager:

  1. Double click the Sophos shield in the lower right area of the desktop within the system tray to open Sophos anti-virus.
  2. Click the "Quarantine" link in the upper left of the Sophos application window to open quarantine manager.
  3. Click the "Select all" button to place a check beside each item shown in quarantine manager.
  4. Click the "Clear from list" button to remove the items selected from view within quarantine manager.
  5. Click "OK" to the Sophos warning message that lets you know you are only removing the items from the list and not resolving the items.
  6. Close the Sophos application


There is also a tool available for download that can clear the Sophos quarantine history if the above procedure does not meet your needs.   


This article was updated: 12/7/2017