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I'm trying to install a program and I need to disable my antivirus program. How do I do that?

On access scanning provides the Sophos anti-virus protection. Once this is disabled all Sophos protection is disabled.  There are times Sophos anti-virus needs to be disabled to install software. Below is the procedure on how to disable Sophos:

  1. Open Sophos by right clicking the Sophos shield found in the lower left of your desktop.
  2. Click "Open Sophos Endpoint Security and Control"
  3. On the Sophos main screen click "Configure anti-virus and HIPS"
  4. On the Configure screen click "On-access scanning"
  5. On the "On-Access scan settings for this computer" window select the "Scanning" tab and click the box to remove the check for "Enable on-access scanning for this computer". (By removing this check you are disabling Sophos protection.)
  6. Click the "OK" button at the bottom of the Window.
  7. Click the "Yes" button on the warning message that states; "You have chosen to disable on-access scanning. If you do so, there is no on-access protection against threats. Do you want to continue?" 
  8. Close the Sophos application screens and install your software.
  9. Once your software as been installed open Sophos and enable on-access protection by repeating these steps and check the box in step 5 above.

This article was updated: 07/9/2013