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Why does iTunes take longer to close and show saving library on exit?

Sophos anti-virus may be the cause. First make sure iTunes is closed. Then do the following to allow Sophos to work with iTunes better.

Adding an exclusion for the iTunes files.

  1. Open Sophos
  2. Click "Configure anti-virus and HIPS"
  3. Click "on-access scanning"
  4. Click "exclusions" tab
  5. Click "add"
  6. Select "File" from the drop down list for item type
  7. Click "Browse"
  8. Click the "my documents" icon on the left of the window
  9. Double click the "my music" folder, then double click "iTunes" folder.
  10. Select the iTunes file "iTunes Music Library.xml".
  11. Click "open" (This will take you back to the Exclude item window)
  12. Click "ok" (You should now see the path to your added file in the Excluded item list.)
  13. (Repeat steps 5 through 12 for the iTunes file "iTunes Library.itl". )
  14. Once both files are added click "ok" to close the On-access scan settings for this computer window.
  15. Close Sophos
  16. Try opening and closing iTunes to see if this corrected the problem.
  17. If the problem was not resolved it could relate to the size of the Library and other software on your computer.

This article was updated: 07/9/2013