Sophos AutoUpdate Uninstalling

Rare cases can occur when the Sophos AutoUpdate will not uninstall from control panel.

The following procedure is known to work for uninstalling Sophos AutoUpdate from the control panel.

Overview of steps that will be done: 

  • Download the program "Revo Uninstaller" (Freeware version)
  • Install the "Revo Uninstaller" program
  • Run "Revo Uninstaller" and uninstall Sophos programs found
  • Reboot the computer


Use the program "Revo Uninstaller" (Freeware version) to uninstall the Sophos AutoUpdate software from the control panel.

  1.  Download "Revo Uninstaller" (Freeware version) from the link below:
  2. After the file is downloaded install the "Revo Uninstaller"
  3. When "Revo Uninstaller" loads it will show installed programs on your computer
  4. Double click the Sophos programs shown to uninstall them
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the uninstall
  6. Repeat the steps if more than one Sophos program is listed
  7. Once all Sophos programs have been uninstalled
  8. Close Revo Uninstaller
  9. Reboot your computer
  10. You may now uninstall "Revo Uninstaller"