Cabell Room B-35

B-35 Distance Education Classroom

Capable of operating as a state-of-the-art distance education facility or as a "smart classroom," Cabell Library Room B-35 features a variety of media presentation devices powered by a centralized remote control system.

The primary mission of the room is to support the University's commitment to distance learning. With operational support from MSS staff, the room functions as a video conferencing facility. To this end, B-35 has been equipped with:

  • Robotic cameras for live video of the instructor and students
  • Plasma screens on pivoting wall mounts for display of computer images and visual aids to students on site
  • Push-to-talk microphones for student participation
  • Wall-mounted, flat-screen plasma monitors allowing instructor to view "local" and "remote site" video
  • Computer with network, WWW access
  • Sympodium for display of visual aids


When not in use for distance learning applications, B-35 may be employed as a smart classroom. In this setting, the room may be operated by an instructor without the aid of an MSS technician. Instructors have access to:

  • Ceiling-mounted video/data projector
  • VHS format VCR
  • Motorized projection screen
  • Sympodium
  • DVD Player
  • Video, audio and data inputs for use with auxiliary devices (laptops, etc.)
  • Touch-panel controls for all devices, room lighting, and audio


The room has a capacity of 27 persons.


The primary mission of Room B-35 is to support Distance Education events. In cases where the room is not in use for such events, it may be booked as a "smart-room" teaching facility on a case-by-case basis. Reservation requests may be made in person at our Cabell office (Rm B-40), by phone at 828-1098.

User Training and Instructions

All users are required to meet with MSS staff in advance of their event to learn the operation and capabilities of the room. To schedule training, please contact the Cabell office at MSS (see above).

This article was updated: 12/8/2017