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Zoom is a desktop conferencing application that allows licensed account-holders and guests to send and receive video and audio as well as share and annotate computer content in conferences with up to 50 participants.  Primarily designed to connect users via PC, Mac, laptop or mobile devices, Zoom also supports connections to standards-based hardware conferencing devices produced by vendors like Cisco/Tandberg, Polycom, LifeSize, etc.  

Account holders can access Zoom conferencing through the VCU portal.

Zoom accounts are available to university faculty and staff.  Students do not require host accounts to participate in meetings, classes and conferences hosted by their instructors.  Hospital personnel are encouraged to use the hospital's official conferencing solution, Web-Ex.

To request a VCU-hosted Zoom account, please enter a ticket via the Technology Services Service Desk.  (Go to "Academic Technologies > Video Production and Teleconferencing > Submit a Zoom Account Request").

Please note there are two account types for Zoom users:

  • "Pro" accounts provide access to all Zoom meeting features (content sharing, support for up to 100 meeting participants, etc.)with no restrictions on meeting duration. These accounts have been purchased in limited numbers by the University
  • "Basic" accounts provide access to all Zoom meeting features (content sharing, support for up to 100 participants, etc.) but with a meeting, duration limited to 40 minutes, and no support for calls to H323 hardware devices.  These accounts are virtually unlimited in number and come at no cost to the University

New accounts will be created at the "Pro" level for users who need to conduct meetings with 3 to 100 participants with no time limits.  In cases where an account remains inactive for one year or greater, users will be downgraded to "Basic" status to free up "Pro" licenses for users with greater need.  Users at the "Basic" level may request an upgrade to "Pro" status by entering a Service Desk ticket.

Test Your Device

To determine if your computing device supports participation in Zoom meetings, use the test link at https://zoom.us/test.  You'll get a chance to test your camera, microphone and speaker before your planned meeting.  You don't need an account to run the test.


Check the Current status of ZOOM and recent incident reports.


NOTE re: HIPAA Compliance: Zoom complies with HIPAA standards, and the vendor has a BAA on file with VCU.  More details are available in the Zoom HIPAA Guide.

NOTE re: Copyright Compliance:  Technology Services does not support or endorse the use of Zoom, Kaltura Capture Space, Bb Collaborate, Echo360 or other University-hosted services to record, transmit, or disseminate copyrighted material without the express consent of its owner(s).  Faculty and staff are encouraged to always use personally acquired streaming accounts from services such as Netflix, etc. in a manner consistent with the agreed-upon terms of use.

For more information on university copyright policies see the VCU Libraries Research Guide to Copyright for Faculty."