Zoom Conferencing - Calling an H.323 Device

Although Zoom is a software-based conferencing application, it is possible to connect to traditional hardware-based H.323 codecs via Zoom's "Cloud Room Connector" gateway.  Here's how:
  • Open Zoom on your desktop
  • Choose "Start with Video" (at this point, you should see your own camera's image and a prompt to choose a microphone and speaker)
  • At the bottom of the application window, choose "Invite"

Zoom call to H323

  • From the pop-up window, choose the last tab on the right: "Invite a Room System"

Invite a Room System

  • Choose the second tab, "Call Out"


  • In the field provided, enter the IP address of the device you're calling.
  • Hit "Call"
If you know you'll be connecting to the address on a regular basis, you can request to have it added to the Zoom Address Book, accessed via the pull-down menu next to the IP entry field.  To request an addition to the address book, please enter a ServiceDesk ticket under "Academic Technologies > Video Production and Teleconferencing > Submit a Zoom Account Request."

Alternately, your guests can join your Zoom meeting by calling from their codec.
  • Open "Zoom" on your desktop
  • Go to the menu choice, "Meetings" (the clock icon)

Zoom meeting list

  • Choose the meeting you want your guests to call and make a note of the meeting ID number (it's 9 digits long) You had a "Personal Meeting Room" assigned to you when you got your Zoom account.  If you prefer to hold your meeting in another "room," go to "home," then "Schedule" and create a meeting for this purpose.  If it's not a one-time meeting, choose "recurring meeting" to have an ID number assigned to it, long-term.

Zoom Scheduler

  • have your guests dial the IP address of Zoom's "Cloud Room Connector":
  • when they get to the Room Connector welcome screen, have them enter the appropriate Meeting ID number.  (They should leave out the "dashes")