Zoom Conferencing - Chrome Browser Extension

Zoom offers a Google Chrome Browser Extension that allows you to start a Zoom meeting with a single click from your browser, or to schedule a Zoom meeting through Google calendar.  The extension is available as a free download from Google's "Chrome Web Store."


Chrome Store


The Zoom Chrome extension will install a Zoom button on to your Google Chrome browser in the top toolbar, to the right of the address field. Clicking on this button will activate the Zoom Chrome extension. Click on the Signin with Google button to get started.


Zoom Chrome sign-in


Once signed in, you'll remain signed in until and unless you load a new version of Zoom or Chrome (see "Important Note" below).  So after this first instance, rolling over the Zoom toolbar icon gets you the menu below, allowing you to start or schedule a meeting right from your browser, instead of having to use the desktop icon or type in the URL of the portal page.



Zoom Chrome extension options


You can also use the extension to make any Google Calendar entry a Zoom Meeting.

Start by creating a calendar event as you normally would, then look for the Make it a Zoom Meeting button, now added to your event options.


Google Calendar integration

Choosing this button will assign a Zoom Meeting ID number to your Calendar event, and when you send out invitations to participate in the event, your guests will receive the information they need to join the call.



The Zoom Chrome Browser Extension is a third-party app that requires an ongoing connection to Google.  Whenever you upgrade to a new version of Zoom, or to a new version of Chrome, you'll need to re-establish that connection by going back to the Zoom icon in the top toolbar of Chrome and choosing the "Sign in with Google" button again.  This should only come up after a software upgrade, but it's an important step to remember.


Zoom Chrome sign-in

This article was updated: 02/22/2019