Zoom Conferencing - Meeting Controls

Once you've launched your meeting, you'll see a number of options on the bottom toolbar: 

 Zoom meeting toolbar

Use the "Invite" option to notify your intended participants that you've started a meeting and would like them to join.  Choose from your default e-mail program, Gmail or Yahoo mail and send the invitation.  A pre-worded message will be generated, which you can send as-is or modify as desired.  (For more details, see the Zoom Knowledge Base)
Once your participants sign in, use the "Manage Participants" menu to verify who's in the call and to mute or un-mute participants, disconnect participants, etc
"Share Screen" lets you share your computer content with the other participants.  You can either share your entire desktop or limit the share to a specific application you're running.  If your content includes audio, use the "Advanced Options" tab to select "share computer sound."
"Chat" opens a new window where you can conduct a text conversation with specific participants or the whole group.  "Save Chat" provides you with a transcription of your conversation as a .txt file.
Use "Record" to make an MP4 recording of your conference.  NOTE: the recording will be saved to the hard drive of your PC, so if you're not on your own computer, be sure to save the file to a flash drive or mail it to yourself before leaving whatever room you're in; if it's a classroom, the file will wiped the next time the PC reboots.
"Breakout Session" allows you to organize participants into sub-groups and "send them off" for side discussions, then bring them back into the main conference when done.  If they need you during the breakout session, they can send you a message asking you to join their group.  When it's time for the breakout session to end, they'll get a 30-second countdown so they can wrap up their discussion.

Further Reading

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