Zoom Conferencing - Using the Mobile App

The Zoom conferencing app for mobile devices is available through iTunes or Google Play.

The app is simple to use if you're invited to a meeting while away from your office, without access to a desktop or laptop computer.  Just press the "Join A Meeting" button on the start screen and then enter the ID number of the meeting you want to join.
Zoom Mobile App
However, if for some reason you want to host a meeting from Zoom Mobile, you'll  need to go through a couple of extra steps:
1.) Choose the "Sign In" option from the screen above and you'll be taken to this menu:
Zoom Mobile Sign-in
2.) Rather than entering your e-mail address and password in those top fields, you'll want to choose the "SSO" (Single Sign On) option at the bottom of the screen.  This is because VCU uses CAS for authentication.
3.) When you choose "SSO," you'll be asked for an "SSO Site URL." Enter this value in the field provided: https://vcu.zoom.us
4.) Then use your normal VCU eID and password to sign in.
Once you've gone through this process one time, the app should remember the URL for future sign-ins from the same device.