In-Studio Productions

Room B-46 of James Branch Cabell Library functions as an operator-supported video production facility for recording lectures, interviews, dramatizations and other performances.


Cabell video production studio stage, as seen from the front


The room is equipped with robotic cameras operated by MSS technicians from an adjacent control booth,with additional inputs available for tripod-mounted production cameras.  An Internet-connected PC is installed for the display and capture of PowerPoint shows or software demonstrations, and all content is displayed on a 70-inch, wall-mounted confidence monitor for the convenience of presenters.  Multiple microphone jacks on the main stage allow for a variety of set designs to suit client needs, as does adjustable lighting in the ceiling and onstage, and a variety of color backdrops, including greenscreen.

 Cabell studio cameras and monitor, as seen from the stage


Productions are digitally recorded to solid state drives for editing and completed projects can be delivered in multiple electronic formats as well as DVD and Blu-Ray, or streamed live via the Web.


Cabell video production studio control booth

Additionally, MSS staff can assist in recording and video conferencing lectures from the MSB Auditorium on the MCV Campus.  Space in this location is permanently configured as a lecture hall and does not offer the versatility of Cabell B-46. It does, however, support a more significant audience and well suited to lecture-based events.

Please submit requests for video services through Service Desk.  Under "Academic Technologies," choose "Video Production and Teleconferencing > Submit A Video Production Request."

Service desk menu choices to use when requesting a production

This article was updated: 04/18/2019