Live Event Streaming

Media Support Services provides live event streaming as part of its video production service offerings.  Live streams can originate from our production studio or from locations on or off campus with sufficient internet access. Streams are delivered via the Kaltura video platform for real-time viewing on PCs, Macs and/or Android and iOS phones, tablets and other devices. 

Among the events regularly streamed by MSS Video Production staff are the university's Spring and Fall Commencement ceremonies, meetings of the Board of Visitors and the President's State of the University address.

MSS staff assists clients in setting up viewing pages for their live events.  On completion of the live stream, an "archive" video file of the event can be provided for on-demand viewing via Kaltura, YouTube and other video hosting platforms.

For more information about this service, please call 628-1184.   To request live streaming for your event, please enter a request through ServiceDesk.