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To allow individuals to either subscribe to or unsubscribe from your VCU mailing list, you need to create a link (with appropriate text) using the following HTML code on your web page:

<a href=>


  • LISTNAME is the name of your mailing list

Suppose you have a mailing list named "eng101-l". You can add the following HTML code to your web page to allow folks to either subscribe to your mailing list or to unsubscribe from your mailing list.

<A HREF="">Eng101 Mailing List</A>  

  • Before adding the listsub CGI script to your page, you must first have the mailing list setup up. To have such as mailing list set up, please fill out the mailing list request form.  
  • Any faculty or staff member can request a mailing list for VCU-related purposes.
  • Student Organizations may request a list by going through the Division of Student Affairs.
  • For further information on mailing lists, please send e-mail to "" with the single word "Info" as the message.