Mailing List Basics

A mailing list or "Listserv" is a way of sending an electronic message to a large number of people. They often combine the characteristics of a newsletter and a discussion group. You can use this web form to create a mailing list for your department, organization, class, research project and other functions.

Create a Mailing List (Owners)

Creating a Mailing List involves contacting the people who are responsible for the ListServer. There are two (one for the Academic and one for the Medical campus) people who will handle creating the Mailing List. Indicate the campus associated with the person maintaining the Mailing List when you create the Mailing List.

Subscribing to a Mailing List (Owners)

As an "Owner," you have the responsibility of subscribing users to your list. This can be done one user at a time or by importing from a text file using the Listserv Web Interface (login by clicking the link in the top right corner or by going to the login page directly, click the "List Management" drop-down,  choose "Subscriber Management", and follow the on-screen instructions).  Visit the link to the Listserv Subscribe/Unsubscribe page for documentation about how Mailing List Owners can allow people to subscribe and unsubscribe from the owner's web page.

Management and use of a Mailing List (Owners and Users)

Use the Listserv Web Interface to submit commands to the list server.

Frequently Asked Questions (Owners and Users)

More information on Mailing Lists can be found in the FAQ on Mailing Lists.