Advanced search templates

The Google Search Appliance allows you to build your entire template into the VCU Google search appliance but is only recommended for experienced developers with knowledge using XSLT.

Using the VCU Google Search Appliance

The VCU Google search appliance is a hosted application at VCU maintained by Web Services. With an account on the VCU Google search appliance, you can create your search templates and collections on the primary VCU search engine. This solution is only recommended for webmasters with a fairly robust understanding of XSLT. Search templates in the Google search appliance require quite a bit of fiddling to produce decent results. Documentation is available from Google however Web Services can only provide rudimentary support.

If you would like to create templates on the VCU Google Search Appliance, you'll need to request an account by emailing the VCU webmaster.

Primary advantages of using the VCU Google search appliance for your site search include:

  • complete control over the search template output
  • detailed search reports for your sites
  • quicker reindexing of your content
  • highlighting specific pages for certain queries using the KeyMatch system

This article was updated: 12/7/2017