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Registered Student Organizations at VCU

The Web server supports student organization Web pages created by registered student organizations at Virginia Commonwealth University. These pages like all Web pages at VCU are governed by the VCU Web Publishing Guidelines.

Important Notice to Students

As a neutral provider of computing services and access to the Internet, the University does not endorse, review in advance, or monitor the content of any materials transmitted, received, published, or stored on or otherwise available through its systems. If the University receives complaints regarding the content of such materials, it will refer the complaint to the appropriate disciplinary system within the University, and it will cooperate with any resulting investigation in accordance with the policies, procedures, and principles described or cited in these guidelines.

*Only registered VCU Student Organizations may obtain an account. To register your student organization, please visit the Student Activities Center.

Student Web Server Committee

Charged with recommending changes in the policies that govern support for the student Web server, the Student Web Server Committee reviews requests, questions, problems, and complaints regarding student Web server use.

The Student Web Server Committee includes five voting members and three "ex officio" members. The voting members will include one faculty person appointed annually by the Technology Services Faculty Advisory Council and four student representatives - three undergraduates and one graduate student. The Student Government Associations selects three undergraduate student members, and the Dean of Graduate Studies recommends the graduate student member. Each campus has at least one student representative. One of the four student members serves as Student Web Server Coordinator. The faculty member chairs the committee. Two "ex officio" members of the committee are appointed from Student Services, and the VCU Webmaster will also serve as an "ex officio" member. All members except for the VCU Webmaster will be appointed to one-year renewable terms. Committee decisions will be by majority vote.

Policy Recommendations

Policy recommendations from the Student Web Server committee will be submitted in writing to the Technology Services Faculty Advisory Council by the Faculty Advisor, along with a rationale justifying the proposed changes.

This article was updated: 02/18/2016