What is VCU's OnCore?

OnCore is a Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS) designed specifically for large academic medical centers with vibrant, expanding clinical research programs. An introduction to OnCore, its implementation plan and training materials can be found on the OnCore Wiki. Access to OnCore requires the completion of Human Subjects Protection Training. This training is valid for two years. VCU uses CITI to meet this requirement.

Who is required to use OnCore?

All VCU clinical research teams who are conducting research, regardless of location of conduct or funding mechanism, will be required to record their protocol information into OnCore. There is a phased roll out matrix of OnCore to non-Oncology departments starting with the School of Medicine and extending all schools and units conducting clinical trials. For more information about this roll out, please contact your school’s OnCore coordinator or the project manager for more information.

How do I request an OnCore account?

To request initial access to OnCore, please visit Request OnCore Access.

Implementation plan

VCU’s OnCore is being implemented in the following phases:

Phase I (complete): Massey Cancer Center implementation. Massey Cancer Center adopted OnCore in 2006, serving as a highly successful advance-implementation including approximately one-third of VCU’s clinical trial portfolio. This phase included approximately 50 percent of all VCU clinical trials.

Phase II (in progress): Institution-wide expansion. This phase began with the School of Medicine and will include all schools with clinical trials open to enrollment. Within this phase, the implementation team works with each school’s OnCore liaison to advise on steps and resources needed to smooth adoption. Functionality includes protocol management console, subject management console, financial documentation, and protocol and subject calendar management.

Phase III (in development): Financial management integration. During this phase, functionality to OnCore’s financial management console will be mapped out in preparation for integration.

Phase IV (future): The following two strategies will be carried out concurrently:

Management Phase - This phase begins the long-term management of VCU’s OnCore, including reviews for updates and modifications. Integration Development Phase – During this phase, future systems integration will be explored and operationalized as appropriate.

OnCore leadership

Institutional project leaders
Jonathan DeShazo, technical director (CCTR Biomedical Informatics Core)
Elizabeth Ripley, operational director (CCTR Clinical Research Services)
Lisa Ballance, institutional representative (Office of the Vice President for Research)
Tim Aro, CCTR Biomedical Informatics Core manager
Elizabeth Micalizzi, OnCore project consultant
Paula Spencer, VCUHS project manager
Mary O’Connell, OnCore calendar builder (CCTR BIC)

Links and More Information

OnCore Wiki (login w/eID)
Research Portal OnCore References and Training materials
Access OnCore
Request OnCore Access
Reset your OnCore Password
BIC Support Request form