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Program accreditation
Council on Social Work Education (M.S.W.)

The School of Social Work in cooperation with the Department of Gerontology in the College of Health Professions at VCU provides students with a unique educational opportunity in social work and gerontology. Master of Social Work students interested in work with elders or in gerontological programs may earn a Certificate in Aging Studies while completing the master’s degree requirements.

In order to meet the requirements of the M.S.W. degree and the Certificate in Aging Studies, students complete a total of 65 graduate credit hours, instead of 75 hours if the master’s and certificate were pursued separately. All foundation and concentration courses of the Master of Social Work program are completed, and core courses (nine credit hours) of the Certificate in Aging Studies program are completed. Ten hours of course work from the M.S.W. degree are applied to the certificate to fulfill the research methods requirement, one hour of independent study and six hours of electives. In order for the SLWK courses to apply as indicated, students must complete an M.S.W. research course in which students undertake a project focused on aging, complete a second-year field instruction practicum (six credit hours) in a social work setting related to aging and complete an independent study course in gerontology, which integrates research and practicum courses.

To earn the Certificate in Aging Studies simultaneously with the M.S.W., students must apply and be admitted to both programs. Students may begin their studies in either program, or apply to both programs simultaneously. See the individual program pages for specific admission requirements, application deadlines, program goals, student learning outcomes, degree requirements and graduation requirements for the M.S.W. and Certificate in Aging Studies degree programs.