This is the preliminary (or launch) version of the 2021-2022 VCU Bulletin. This edition includes all programs and courses approved by the publication deadline; however we may receive notification of additional program approvals after the launch. The final edition and full PDF version will include these updates and will be available in August prior to the beginning of the fall semester.

Blair House
408 West Franklin Street
Box 843051
Richmond, Virginia 23284-3051
(804) 828-2233
Fax (804) 827-0724

Melissa W. Tyler
Assistant dean
(804) 828-2261

A. Alex Coleman
Fiscal and event assistant
(804) 828-6948

Dawn Fields Crichlow
Coordinator, graduate enrollment services
(804) 827-4551

Rochelle H. Jordan
Coordinator, strategic analytics and communications
(804) 828-9483

Daryl M. King
Graduate enrollment services assistant
(804) 828-4859

Sarah E. Steele
Coordinator, graduate enrollment student services
(804) 827-4546

Jamie L. Taylor
Administrative coordinator
(804) 828-2233