ADMS 671. Administrative Internship II. 1 Hour.

Semester course; 1 lecture hour. 1 credit. Prerequisites: full admission status; no grades of Incomplete; evidence provided of meeting technology standards and completing child abuse/neglect recognition training; meet university's Graduate School academic requirements for graduation; adviser/department head approval of internship application; successful completion of ADMS 670. This course is to be taken in the semester immediately before Internship III. This course focuses on emerging topics from the students' internship experiences with emphases on leadership skills, professional dispositions and management. Field-based internship experiences developed in ADMS 670 are continued such that a total of 320 hours of experiences will be accrued and documented by the end of the entire program. A culminating experience taken at the end of the program, this course is designed for students to have opportunities to synthesize the essential knowledge and skills necessary to be a school leader. Reflection and refinement of skills and knowledge will be part of student-developed professional portfolio that could be used in securing a leadership position in a school system. Integration of theory and practice will take place in the internship as evidenced by documented experiences in a school/school district setting supervised by an approved professional and university instructor. Course will include seminars, selected readings, projects, discussion and other culminating activities. Graded as S/U/F.