ARTS 460. Synesthesia: Exploring Process Across Disciplines. 2 Hours.

Semester course; 4 studio hours. 2 credits. Enrollment is restricted to students in the School of the Arts and English majors or with permission of the instructor. Intended for those with an active creative practice in visual, performing or literary arts, this course will investigate and reveal commonalities in the creative process for choreographers, visual artists and writers. Ideas to be explored include the ways in which creative work embodies its own essence and meaning as well as the ways in which that essence and meaning are experienced by creators and viewers. Students will be exposed to a wide range of thinking on the creative process through readings, films and lectures. Students will engage in cognitive and embodied exercises across disciplines and complete creative assignments that bridge disciplines. Students will workshop their creative endeavors together. Graded as pass/fail.

Dance and Choreography, Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) with a concentration in performance/Richmond Ballet

VCU’s Department of Dance and Choreography offers a four-year degree concentration within the B.F.A. specifically designed for Richmond Ballet trainees. This unique program bridges trainee experience with the Richmond Ballet professional company and rigorous pre-professional training with a focus in modern/contemporary dance. During the first two years, students receive VCU credit for their work at the Richmond Ballet while taking general education courses, dance history and improvisation at VCU. Students then complete the degree with two years at VCU, taking courses in modern/contemporary dance, ballet, composition, dance science, teaching methods and more. There are many opportunities to perform throughout the four years. This B.F.A. program is designed for disciplined students who are interested in attaining versatility in both ballet and modern/contemporary dance while exploring creative, historical and global perspectives of the field. A very small number of students in this degree program are offered the opportunity to join Richmond Ballet II after their first two years. Students are encouraged to discuss professional and academic plans with their advisers should this occur. Learning outcomes Upon completing this program, students will know and know how to do the following: Students must demonstrate proficiency in improvisation, composition, choreography and related art forms that encourage creativity and an individual point of view. Students must demonstrate proficiency in modern dance and a diverse range of other dance techniques. The objective is to maximize students’ potential to become versatile dancers of technical excellence. Students must demonstrate a global and historical perspective of dance as an art form with an emphasis on contemporary approaches to dance making and performance. Students must demonstrate writing and critical-thinking skills. Students must demonstrate comprehensive and theoretical understanding of the field.

Product Innovation, Certificate in (Undergraduate certificate)

...that embodies concepts from arts, design, business, engineering...while enrolled in INNO 460 . The minimum total...