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CLSE 305. Thermodynamics of Phase Equilibria and Chemical Reactions. 3 Hours.

Semester course; 3 lecture hours. 3 credits. Prerequisites: CLSE 202 with a minimum grade of C and MATH 307. Thermodynamic properties of fluids and mixtures, partial molar quantities, phase equilibria, activity coefficients and correlations, equations-of-state, chemical reaction equilibria for liquid, vapor and multiphase reactions, and the use of equations-of-state and activity/fugacity correlations to obtain the thermodynamic functions required for the calculation of chemical reaction equilibrium constants. Computing using Excel VBA is a required component of this course.

Double major (B.S.) in engineering and physics

...include: CLSE 305 replaces PHYS 340 ; ENGR 402 , ENGR 403 , CLSE 402 and CLSE 403...

Department of Chemistry

...Prerequisites: CHEM 309 or CLSE 201 with minimum...introductory biophysical chemistry. CHEM 305. Physical Chemistry for...