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CMSC 452. Senior Project II. 3 Hours.

Semester course; 1 lecture and 2 laboratory hours. 3 credits. Prerequisites: CMSC 451 and CMSC 508, both with a minimum grade of C. Enrollment is restricted to students with senior standing in the computer science department. Capstone project or experience for the computer science major; research and presentation methods in computer science; ethical, legal and social issues in computing; and professional responsibilities of computer scientists. Each student will participate, either individually or as part of a team, in a project or other experience approved by the course coordinator or sponsored by another computer science faculty member. Each student will write and revise a research paper on a technical topic associated with his or her project or experience. Students must continue on the same project that was started in CMSC 451. A final project report and presentation, which will include a discussion of associated legal, social and/or ethical issues, are due at the conclusion of the two-semester project or experience. (This course cannot be counted as upper-level CMSC electives for students graduating under bulletins prior to 2008-09.).