EDUS 780. Researching Lived Experience: Post Phenomenology. 3 Hours.

Semester course; 3 lecture hours. 3 credits. Prerequisite: EDUS 711, NURS 770, SWKD 704, SBHD 638 or equivalent basic qualitative research course or with permission of the instructor. This advanced qualitative research course focuses on “sensitive” approaches to the study of lived experience (phenomenology) before it is reduced by reflection to words and even before lived experience is felt or emerges as “an experience” (posthumanism). In this course, cherished qualitative notions — validity, experience, subjectivity, coding, thematic analysis, identity, voice, language, etc. — are interrogated, and rigor is invested in an open style of wondering, engaging, writing and creating that transcends the authority of an author acting on its own. The course is conceptually grounded in continental philosophy. Lively philosophical passages and research studies — drawn from feminism, affect theory, critical theory and other fields — are augmented with activities that keep concepts vibrant, immediately useful and dynamically in play throughout the semester. Crosslisted as: TEDU 780.

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