EDUS 706. Educational Theory and Praxis in Historical and Contemporary Contexts. 3 Hours.

Semester course; 3 lecture hours. 3 credits. This seminar focuses on philosophies of education with particular attention paid to ways of thinking about seminal ideas and their relationships to education and social, institutional, economic and cultural change in the U.S. It considers how broader social phenomena affect the purposes and structures of educational institutions as well as how educational change affects wider society. Additionally, it highlights challenges for social change within and through public schools given institutional, social and political influences. Key topics include: schooling for democracy; progressivism, pragmatism and education; eco-education; behaviorism and social utopias; multiculturalism/pluralism; contemporary political educational discourse; and the roles of theory/philosophy in education. This course offers opportunity for students to engage with theories of social change that place education/schooling at the center. It provides space for students to develop a philosophical framework for their work as well as a means to deepen their understandings of educational research, policy and theory. Finally, this course requires students to begin to put their ideas into action in educational and other social contexts by means of a community engagement/organization component. The worth of engaging with and not just learning about the curriculum, culture and change is a core value of the program and in this course we will work hard to both study about and participate in the overlapping worlds of theory/academia and education-related social action.