EGRB 104. Introduction to Engineering Laboratory. 1 Hour.

Semester course; 3 laboratory hours. 1 credit. Enrollment is restricted to biomedical engineering majors. This laboratory course introduces students to practical laboratory skills required for biomedical engineering. Following successful completion of this course, students will be able to construct and design simple mechanical-electric prototypes; solder electrical components to a breadboard; construct a bridge measurement circuit in order to measure a physiological signal; use a digital multimeter to analyze a circuit. This course is also a writing-intensive course and will provide students with the skills necessary to analyze and write up the results of their experiments. Non-technical skills that will be introduced in this course include how to set up and maintain a laboratory notebook; record and analyze data in Excel, including how to use Excel formulas, create pivot tables and generate graphs; how to plan and execute an experiment; how to read and write a laboratory report in IMRD format; how to write a design concept paper; oral presentation.