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EGRE 254. Digital Logic Design. 4 Hours.

Semester course; 3 lecture and 3 laboratory hours. 4 credits. Prerequisites: EGRE 101 and EGRE 245 or equivalents, both with a minimum grade of C. An introduction to digital logic design with an emphasis on practical design techniques and circuit implementations. Topics include number representation in digital computers, Boolean algebra, theory of logic functions, mapping techniques and function minimization, design of combinational, clocked sequential and interactive digital circuits such as comparators, counters, pattern detectors, adders and subtractors. An introduction on designing digital circuits using schematic capture, logic simulation and hardware description languages is included. Students will use the above basic skills in the laboratory to design and fabricate digital logic circuits using discrete logic and field programmable gate arrays.

Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

...4 EGRE 245 Engineering Programming 4 EGRE 246 Advanced Engineering Programming 3 EGRE 254 Digital...